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Giving Circles and Field of Interest funds

Giving Circles

Giving Circles are designed for those who wish to come together with like-minded people to pool resources and have a greater impact than they can have individually on an issue or initiative that's important to them.

Giving Circles are organized around broad areas or populations of concern, such as the environment, Jewish education, seniors or women's issues. Members work collaboratively to set policy, review proposals and authorize grants to worthy organizations.

A Giving Circle is an exciting option for the philanthropist who wants to be actively involved with others in common charitable pursuits.

How a Giving Circle Operates

Donors can join a Giving Circle by donating the minimum that is established by the group. Once you join a Giving Circle as an active participant, your voice is equal to that of all other members. Donors also have the option to make contributions below the minimum to help their favorite cause without actively joining the group.

Field of Interest Funds

A Field of Interest Fund allows you or your family to create a permanent charitable fund earmarked for a purpose that is especially close to your heart. For example, care for children with special needs, services for seniors or Jewish education. You designate the aspect of community life your fund will address, and then recommend qualified charitable organizations-in the Jewish community and beyond-that will benefit from contributions.

Funding a Field of Interest Fund

Create your own Field of Interest Fund with a minimum, tax-deductible contribution of $10,000 in the form of cash, marketable securities, or credit card payment. Additional contributions to the fund are accepted at any time. There is no minimum amount for subsequent contributions.

How a Field of Interest Fund Operates

Once you have opened your Fund, Jewish Federation staff will work with you to plan how distributions will be made to support the interest that you have designated. You may also name advisors who will be successors in to field to be involved in continuing the important work you have begun.

Donor Benefits

  • Allows your charitable dollars to grow tax-free.
  • Lives on in perpetuity at Jewish Federation, a long-term expression of your commitment and a permanent memorial to your generosity.

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